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Listen To Headhunterz And Carnage's Remix Of Avicii's 'Waiting For Love'

Dutch DJ/producer and hardstyle pioneer Headhunterz recently teamed up with DJ Carnage to collaborate on a remix of Avicii’s single “Waiting For Love,” taking the track into new territory. Carnage’s flirtation with hardstyle is something he’s been open about, despite his reputation as a trap mainstay, so a collaboration with one of the biggest proponents of hardstyle only cements his new genre crush.

The remix comes in the form of a lower quality live rip, and doesn’t stray too far from the source material. The original melody is left in place as the vocals join in, but the build-up is where it takes a hardstyle turn, delving into a horn-like synth lead during the drop amidst pounding kicks. It’s an interesting take on Avicii’s track, and we’ll have to wait and see if it leads to an official release.

Give it a listen below...

[H/T: DancingAstronaut]

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