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Preview The Soundtrack For The Deadmau5 Musical Coming This Summer

In an unexpected turn of events, EDM megastar deadmau5 is going to be the subject of his own musical set to open in his hometown of Toronto, Canada on July 23, 2015. The theatrical debut of the outspoken producer is titled “Deadmouse: The Musical” and is based on what Joel Zimmerman’s career would be like if he were actually born a mouse.

According to the synopsis, the musical “follows Joel Zimmermouse, a great House music DJ who struggles to believe in himself while trying to 'make it big.' Joel is joined by his best friend, David Goudda, on his hopeful track to success.”

The musical will also parody deadmau5’s ex-fling Kat Von D as Cat Von D and Avicii, as the antagonist of the story named Avicheese, who “ends up seriously harming Joel in his attempt to remain at the top of the House music DJing universe.

When asked on twitter by a fan if he is involved in the production whatsoever, this is how deadmau5 responded:

You can preview some of the music from the upcoming play below...

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