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EDM.com Spotlight

Japan Ends War On Dance, Lifts Ban On Late Night Raving

Japan has recently decided to end their 67-year-long “Footloose” style ban on late night dancing. The law, known as Fueiho, was enacted in 1948 and dictated that night clubs close their doors to the public after midnight. Under Fueiho, dance establishments were thought to be linked to the prostitution industry and were categorized as Adult Entertainment. Under the new ruling set by the Diet, Japan’s legislature, nightclubs and venues that meet certain lighting requirements will be allowed to stay open past midnight.

The new law will take effect in 2016 and will allow businesses to apply for a new license with later curfew as long as the lighting within the venue exceeds 10 lux. Additionally, the venues will need to meet the provisions of local public safety commissions. Clubs that don’t serve alcohol after midnight will not be required to apply for the license.

Good news for Kevin Bacon and EDM fans alike, you will soon be able to dance your heart out in Japan.

[H/T: ResidentAdvisor & JapanTimes]

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