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Drug Testing Organization Gets Shut Down At Major US Music Festival

In an open letter to the Reddit community, Adam Auctor, CEO of The Bunk Police divulged his less than favorable experience at Bonnaroo Music Festival this year. The Bunk Police provides drug testing kits to festival goers to ensure a safer experience for those who choose to use drugs at festivals.

Their testing kits analyze drug samples so that users can know if they’re getting the drugs they think they are. For instance, If they’ve been sold cocaine instead of MDMA, the kit will allow them to identify this.

The Bunk Police set up their tent at Bonnaroo this year, and quickly found themselves at odds with The Mounted Patrol, a public safety organization that operates at the festival on horseback. The Mounted Patrol detained The Bunk Police, and soon after the festival’s security team arrived, they proceeded to search their tent.

The Bunk Police organization was given the option of being booted from the festival and their supplies be returned, or they could stay at the festival and no longer operate their tent and have their supplies returned upon exiting the festival. The security and patrol told Bunk Police that their kits made the festival liable for drug-related harm. Bunk Police was also told that they were stealing from the festival's vendors because they had not been granted licensure, despite having applied.

They chose to remain at the festival and temporarily forfeit the money they had earned and their supplies, but upon leaving the festival, found that their supplies had been turned over to law enforcement and their cash mysteriously disappeared. The loss of property included nearly 500 kits owned by The Bunk Police.

Auctor finished his report, stating “In conclusion - we will not be returning to Bonnaroo in 2016 and operating as we normally do - but we'll definitely be back with a different plan. Although this was a huge loss for us, we believe that Bonnaroo needs our help. So many young and uninformed individuals attend for the sole purpose of using substances, many of them with next to zero information on the subject.”

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