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EDM.com Spotlight

7 Products That Are Giving EDM A Bad Name

From the first underground warehouse party in the late 70s to the most recent international festival, the electronic dance music culture has served as an outlet of expression for all types of people, no matter their race, sex, age or wealth. Despite the immense support that it has provided us, the genre has received countless attacks by media groups and non-EDM fans everywhere, especially on the subject of it being a "drug culture."

This reputation has plagued our scene for decades, and it's near impossible to refute it when countless other aspects of our industry attempt to utilize these false allegations for their marketing gains. We've collected some of the worst products that have misrepresented our scene, and as much of a joke as they may seem, there is no excuse for the harsh reality that we face everyday.

1. I Love Molly T-Shirt

So you like to do drugs, do you? Please, don't hesitate to let the entire world know with a shirt that shows your "stimulant-of-choice." It's not like they would've known otherwise by your lemur-sized pupils or spastic dance routine, right? It's almost like wearing a shirt that says "I <3 Beer" to a bar. No one does that because no one cares, and neither should you. When addressing matters like drug use, it really comes down to being educated and being safe. Wearing this kind of shirt will show that you are neither, and it will not only make everyone think you're a tool, but it will also serve as the perfect parking spot for a cop to deliver their steel-toed boot into you as they arrest you for drug-use. Use your head people.

2. "Eat, Sleep, Rape Repeat" T-shirt

Remember this guy from Coachella? Numbnuts over here thought that his shirt was the perfect play on the raver mantra "Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat." I don't know where the hell he got it, but for humanity's sake I can only hope that it was sold from a foreign, non-English speaking distributor who misheard the phrase and ignorantly produced the shirt as such. We all know that is not the case, and it pains us to see such a degrading message being worn in public.

3. Molly Monster Costume

This was, is, and hopefully forever will be, the worst EDM-focused marketing attempt of all time. "The Molly Monster" costume is apparently a spin-off of the TV show Little Muppet Monsters, which featured the "Molly Monster" alongside "Tug" and "Boo Monster," but that clearly wasn't the focus of this outfit. Composed of a "dress, headband, kandy necklace, pacifier, footless tights, glovettes, kandy bracelet, legwarmers, and a wig," the fact that they used "kandy" twice in the description proved the costume was based off of raver culture. As if it couldn't be done, they turned a Muppets character into an ecstasy-loving, tween-raver's outfit. Smooth move costume company, smooth move.

4. Molly Energy Drink

Um... what? An energy drink based off of meth's party-driven cousin? The fact that it's called "Molly" is one thing, but to say "Please help me find Molly" and "puts the 'E' in feel" on the box is absolutely mental. This has got to be the most drug-induced pun on drugs ever. But that's not all - for the sake of its own legitimacy, it says it has 0 carbs, 0 sugar and 0 calories. Sounds incredibly healthy to me... sike. If this company is trying to be a competitor with 5-Hour Energy, I'd say that they've got everything right except for the name, the motto, the logo, and well, everything else about it.

5. "EDM" in Kim Kardashian Hollywood

First, let it be known that I was not aware that this game even existed until this subtle quote was brought to my attention. Apparently Kim Kardashian has a video game called Kim Kardashian Hollywood, and with her cultural "influence" it's safe to say that there were more than a handful of people who played the game and further saw this same quote. Simon Orsik, your virtual manager, explains that her daughter might be "sharing more 'EDM' with her friends," and further assumes it's some sort of of "drug slang." This isn't the first time that this mistake has been made, as it was more popularly done by CBS News in Boston, but how hard is it to just google it? I understand that acronyms might be hard for some, but "EDM" and "MDMA" are not, I repeat, are not the same thing.

6. "E.T.X.R." movie

There's been a handful of rave and EDM-focused movies to hit the silver-screen in the last decade, but none have set the bar as low as "E.T.X.R." The plot is simple - a college student/DJ uses a "Teslacoil" to communicate with extraterrestrials during his live performances, and it finds the attention of a secret government agency that hunts for him to end it all. As enticing as that may sound, the script sounded like the writers did a 20-minute dig on Google to find the most iconic EDM-focused companies and stitched them into a script that even made the actors sound like they didn't want to be in the movie. The best part about the film? The all-too-necessary "I'm not a button-pusher" line he inconspicuously drops mid-argument. No wonder it went straight to Netflix...

7. "We Are Your Friends" trailer

DJ culture is no longer part of the "underground scene," as multi-million dollar stage productions and social-media-based campaigns have put the focus entirely on the image of the artist, rather than their creative potential. "We Are Your Friends" seems to capitalize on this aspect of EDM, casting the likes of Zac Efron and Emily Ratajkowski to show the "trials and tribulations" of an up-and-coming DJ in the modern industry. Although there are real struggles, the ones highlighted in the film are far from reality. Who in their right minds thinks that 128 is the magic number, and does anyone really want to support an artist with "a laptop and one track?" Although the multitude of Beatport Top 10 charts showcase tracks around that number, I implore you to ask any DJ if they feel the same way that the protagonist does in this film.

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