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EDM.com Spotlight

Apple Recruits David Guetta, Drake & Pharrell To DJ iTunes Radio

Apple is in talks with french DJ David Guetta to host iTunes radio. The major tech company wants to get on board the free music streaming train alongside Spotify and Pandora and is also in talks with Drake and Pharrell Williams to guest host their proposed radio show. The newly formatted iTunes radio would be offered as a free trial for customers for three months before the $10 per month rate would be instituted in order to build interest in the service.

Apple has approached major record labels to strike a deal for the new streaming service, but has reportedly asked for the labels to provide them with music rights for free throughout the duration of its three month trial program. Naturally this has made the negotiations process difficult. There is concern that unveiling the service for no cost for three months could come at a cost to the labels and artists themselves, as the traffic towards iTunes radio could drive music listeners away from paying for a download when they can stream the same music for free.

Time will tell if Apple is able to prevail in their negotiations with the music publishers, as well as what their list of guest DJ’s will look like.

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