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Steve Aoki Gets Personal, Opens Up About His Business Philosophy & Upcoming Documentary [VIDEO]

Dim Mak Records founder Steve Aoki stands as one of the most influential artists in the dance music scene today due to the community he has built through his music and lifestyle brand. In a recent video interview with NBC News, the EDM megastar spoke about running a business, the legacy his father Rocky Aoki has left on his life, and talked about his forthcoming documentary on CNBC.

Aoki opens the video interview with a piece of advice from the mind of an experienced business owner:

“What I have learned is that the most important thing in running a business is making sure you hire the right people and, for me, the right people is not necessarily the most proficient in the skill level you’re looking for but the people that will bleed the passion that you need for that company to really grow as a business.”

The producer then goes on to speak about the documentary and what it's really about.

"I finally get to tell the story about my family, a little deeper. It's very personal, actually, the documentary. I'm kind of opening up a box I never really opened up with people."

Check out the full interview below…

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