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5 EDM Artists That Released Music Under Different Aliases Before They Went Big

Choosing a stage name can be a long process, and it turns out that a lot of people don’t get it right the first time. Kill the Noise has said he used to change his name so often that friends wouldn’t know what to call him. There’s a long list of artists who in the early stages of production were putting out music while still finding their signature sound.

Once a style is fully adapted a lot of artists change names before it's too late and they've already had their big break. To compile this list, I went back through the early work of some of EDM's top artists by tracking down their original aliases. There may even be some you don’t know about, so take a look at the list below!

Skrillex is Twipz

We all know the common Skrillex aliases Dog Blood (with Boys Noize) and Jack Ü (with Diplo), but did you know for a very short time Skrillex used the name Twipz? That’s right, there’s about 6 or 7 tracks Skrillex put out under the name Twipz early on in his career. This was definitely an experimental stage of his development during the earlier part of 2008.

Skrillex told Rolling Stone he snuck into the legendary Alive 2007 Daft Punk tour, which heavily influenced his decision to make electronic music. Other early inspirations for Skrillex included Aphex Twin and Noisia. The Twipz tracks are hard to find in good quality, but they are out there for our listening pleasure and curiosity.

Diplo is Diplodocus

We all know Diplo produces under Jack Ü as well as his dancehall group Major Lazer, but did you know Thomas Pentz's stage name "Diplo" stems from and stands for "Diplodocus"? This originates from his early childhood fascination with dinosaurs. There’s even a tattoo of the Diplodocus dinosaur on his forearm and has been a reoccurring theme in his album art and music videos. Money Studies was the first label to release a solo project by Diplo under his original DJ name, Diplodocus. It was released as a 45 rpm record called "Thingamajawn" for which there is also a music video and yes you can watch it below.

Rob Swire & Gareth from Knife Party are Anscenic & Speed

I’m still shocked when people don’t know Knife Party is comprised of former members of the band Pendulum. Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen formed Knife Party in 2011 after taking a break from Pendulum. It might come to your surprise that Rob Swire used to be called "Anscenic" and Gareth used to go under the stage name "Speed". The production sounds like very early pendulum, but nothing towards the accomplishments of their album Immersion.

Madeon is DJ Deamon & Wayne Mont

That’s right, Madeon used to go by the name "Deamon." If you didn't realize right away, Deamon is actually an anagram for Madeon, meaning the two names use the same letters but in a different order. What’s super interesting is that Madeon actually had a third name in 2009/2010, which was "Wayne Mont."

During his Wayne Mont days, he collaborated with an artist named Ekowraith, who later renamed himself Porter Robinson. That’s right, let that sink in. The two artists you wish would collaborate... already have. The track was a collaborative remix of “Back in the Game” by Ekowraith, now known as Porter Robinson. This collaboration is when the two had very different styles, but maybe we'll get to see these two together again in a future collaboration. Fingers crossed!

Porter Robinson is Ekowraith

Alright, so I spoiled the surprise in the previous one, but even I was shocked how different Porter Robinson used to sound. There is a distinct influence from retro games such as Dance Dance Revolution in this earlier work, and it's rather pop oriented. Check out the producer pre-Porter with the early remix below.

Want more?! Don't worry, we're not going to leave you hanging. Keep an eye out for Part II of this article, as we look at more artists and the music they've released under alternate names.

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