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EDM.com Spotlight

New Documentary Reveals The Story Behind The Birthplace Of Rave [VIDEO]

In 1982, UK’s Factory Records purchased a warehouse with the intent of creating a venue for their fans to aggregate. The venue, called The Hacienda, would go on to serve as the birthplace of rave and the rise of acid house. Though the venue was closed and demolished in 1997, it still serves as a historic place of importance in the rise of electronic dance music.

A forthcoming documentary called “Do You Own The Dancefloor” is set to bring The Hacienda’s history to light, capturing the story of its inception told from the viewpoint of the people who helped create it. “We were a bunch of idiots that changed the world,” recounts an interviewee in the trailer.

The film will premiere this year at Glastonbury Music Festival in England, with all proceeds being raised for the charitable organization Kidneys For Life.

Check out the trailer for “Do You Own The Dancefloor” below...

[H/T: InTheMix]

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