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EDM.com Spotlight

Watch Getter & Trollphace Break The BassPOD Stage First Night Of EDC [VIDEO]

Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas 2015 started off with a bang as TrollPhace and Getter took over the bassPOD stage last night to pump the crowd up with a massive set of bass heavy bangers.

Described by EDC themselves, the bassPOD stage “is the proving ground of the Bassrush massive—forged by sound, tempered by fire, and inhabited by a legion of junglists and bass devotees.

TrollPhace and Getter proved that they can go harder than the carnival was even prepared to handle. Shortly after a drop, the Dubstep DJs overloaded the stages circuits, breaking down the bassPOD’s lighting, computers and pyrotechnics, plunging the crowd into darkness and silence in the middle of the performance. This happened not just once during their set, but twice!

One of the EDM.com staff members took the following video capturing the second power outage...

After the second outage, the stage was down for nearly an hour, crippling all front house computers, microphones, lighting, sounds, and pyrotechnic devices. The stage's entire electronic setup was reportedly running on one generator, which is what caused the mishap. Imagine having to follow two acts that broke the stage!

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