EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

EDC Creators Tease New All-Trance Music Festival, Dreamstate

California clubbers were greeted with a mysterious announcement on Friday, when fliers turned up on the streets of Los Angeles announcing a new Trance-only festival called Dreamstate. The fliers bore the brand of Electric Daisy Carnival’s organizer Insomniac Events, with the tagline “Your Trance Destination” and the hashtag #trancefamily at the bottom of the page. Little other information is given, save for the general location of Southern California and the dates of November 27 - 28.

There is no lineup announcement at this time, and the fliers are the only source of information regarding the festival at this time, with no information posted on Insomniac’s website. Trance hasn’t seen the popularity in America that other genres, like Dubstep and Electro-house have, but the festival’s inception may be an indicator that the sub-genre is soon to take over stateside. We will keep you posted on any new information regarding Dreamstate as it becomes available.

[H/T: DancingAstronaut]

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