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Deadmau5 & The Walt Disney Company Settle Trademark Dispute

Deadmau5 keeps himself busy these days, committing the bulk of his year to touring festivals around the world with a new production rig. Despite deadmau5's new tour, many fans still worried about the potential ramifications from a lawsuit Disney pegged him with last year. After deliberating with Disney for nine months, deadmau5 has settled with the company over the use of his mau5head logo.

Exact terms of the settlement have not been detailed, but news indicates that deadmau5 will in fact be able to keep using his mau5head for the foreseeable future. Deadmau5 attempted to trademark his iconic logo back in September 2014, and Disney responded with a trademark lawsuit that contended his logo bore an uncanny resemblance to Disney mascot Mickey Mouse.

Disney expressed issue with deadmau5 using the logo to sell merchandise, and it remains to be seen in what capacity deadmau5 will be able to use his mau5head logo from here on out. When asked in a Tweet about the terms of the settlement, deadmau5 responded by saying "(he) dare not say."

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