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Dillon Francis Drops Crazy Music Video For 'Not Butter'

It's been a hot minute since we've gotten a new music video from Dillon Francis, as EDM's regular trickster has been busy teasing his new moombahton EP. Much to our surprise, Francis blindsides us with a brand new music video, and the accompanying track, "Not Butter," comes from his debut album Money Sucks, Friends Rule. Francis never released "Not Butter" as a single, but its new music video definitely fits the Francis aesthetic we've come to know and love.

The video itself pokes fun at the companies that call the shots to deciding what goes in a music video, including some quips on using this video to target Francis' party-loving fan base. The video follows scenes that are familiar territory for many EDM music videos, but it gets a little wild by the end... let's just say, they had to make use of some blurry censoring.

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