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EDM.com Spotlight

Hear The New Chemical Brothers Single Featuring An Unlikely Collaborator

Since EDM took to the masses, many of the genre's veterans emerged from their hiatuses to make explosive comeback albums. Daft Punk, The Prodigy and Basement Jaxx already reentered the fray, and an impending album from British duo The Chemical Brothers marks another return from one of the electronic music greats. Leading up to the release of their album Born In The Echoes on July 17, The Chemical Brothers unveil a new single: A collaboration with indie pop rocker St. Vincent called "Under Neon Lights."

"Under Neon Lights" marks the third single off Born In The Echoes and yet another unique collaboration. Their previous single "Go" set that trend with rap verses from hip-hop legend Q-Tip, and "Under Neon Lights" crosses The Chemical Brothers' music with vocals from indie/alternative musician St. Vincent. The experiment pays off well, with St. Vincent receiving robotic filters amid nuanced production.

Give "Under Neon Lights" a listen below...

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