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EDM.com Spotlight

Check Out This New Remix Of An Afrojack & Steve Aoki Classic

When EDM began to gain steam in America, there were a few tracks that helped catapult the genre to mainstream success. "Internet Friends" by Knife Party, "Ghosts 'n' Stuff" by deadmau5 and "Levels" by Avicii, among others. One of those tracks was the Afrojack and Steve Aoki collaboration "No Beef," released way back in 2012. Well now, a new remix from an up-and-coming producer is breathing new life into the duo's seminal anthem.

To celebrate earning 10,000 followers on their Soundcloud account, production duo Reez released a free download to their remix of "No Beef." The remix retains many of the elements that made "No Beef" successful, including Miss Palmer's recognizable vocals. The key difference comes in during the drop, which switches the dirty dutch synths for a progressive beat suited for a big room audience.

Listen to and download Reez's remix of "No Beef" below...

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