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EDM.com Spotlight

Skrillex Teases One Of The Most Important Interviews Of His Career [VIDEO]

As ubiquitous as Skrillex and his music may be, landing an interview with the EDM superstar remains an elusive dream for many journalists. Video interviews with the producer are even rarer, but Yahoo News announced that they managed to secure the seemingly impossible: A one-on-one video interview with Skrillex and renowned news anchor Katie Couric.

Couric has interviewed everyone from George W. Bush and Barack Obama to Lil Wayne, and her interviews are infamous for revealing the real person behind the fame. Yahoo News even hints at Couric possibly guest starring on one of Skrillex's new tracks.

Watch the interview preview below...

While we anxiously await the epic video interview, we have a stellar Skrillex set to hold us over. Sónar Festival hits Barcelona every year with a smorgasbord of talent, and this year the festival slotted Skrillex for a headlining performance. Fortunately, a fan uploaded an HD video of the full 80-minute set.

For his Sónar set, Skrillex playfully explored his catalogue of solo hits in addition to a number of surprise inclusions. Among expected songs like "Reptile," "Wild For The Night" and "Make It Bun Dem," Skrillex mixed in songs from Rae Sremmurd, Bob Marley, Sam Smith and even an unreleased ID from Kill The Noise.

Watch his entire Sónar Festival set in HD below..

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