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EDM.com Spotlight

Workaholics Star Talks 'E-Tards' And Taking MDMA At A Music Festival

The Workaholics TV show helped usher comedy to the Internet age, due largely to the writing and acting talent behind the show's three central figures. One of those actors, Blake Anderson, stars in a new movie called Dope that aims at a similar demographic. Record label and event production company IHEARTCOMIX interviewed Anderson to pick his brain about Dope and similar topics, including drugs and music festivals.

In the interview, they asked Anderson if he or any of his high school friends were anything like the character he plays in Dope, which is a high schooler with drug smarts, specializing in MDMA.

"In high school I was pretty low-key. Pretty much had a solid dude crew bout seven deep. We liked to film shit, drink beer, and ride scooters down hills. I didn’t meet any E-Tards till I moved to the OC :-P"

Anderson did go on to talk about his experience taking molly by himself at the FYF Festival during the band SLEEP's set. Anderson described the experience as "very loud and very awesome." Anderson also revealed he got to hang out and smoke weed with his Dope co-star A$AP Rocky at the Sundance Film Festival, saying that "(he) didn’t know what to expect" but when Rocky offered to smoke with him... he just thought "rap life."

Read the full interview at IHEARTCOMIX, and watch Workaholics bring a rave to a baby shower below...


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