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Deadmau5 Appointed Celebrity Judge For Tim Horton's Doughnut Contest

Deadmau5 announced via twitter this morning that he is making the leap from music producer to food critic, joining Tim Horton’s annual "Duelling Donuts" as a celebrity judge.

As most fans know, deadmau5 is a big Tim Horton's fan. The Canadian coffee and doughnut restaurant is the destination of deadmau5's infamous Coffee Runs, and the two have developed a relationship over the years out of mutual appreciation and support of each others' brands. So it's not too surprising to see Joel Zimmerman step up for another Tim Horton's event.

The contest in which Zimmerman will be a judge calls upon Canadian bakers to create an outstanding donut recipe for the chance to win $10,000. Sitting alongside Gene Simmon’s daughter Sophie Tweed-Simmons and vocalist Jann Arden, Joel Zimmerman is sure to be the Simon Cowell of the judges panel considering his penchant for trolling. Contestants have until July 22nd to submit their best donut, with finalists being announced in September.

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