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EDM.com Spotlight

Daft Punk Collaborator Nile Rodgers Teams Up With Keith Urban For New EDM-Country Project

The Country music world and the EDM community are becoming rather friendly. It started with Zedd teaming up with Lady Antebellum on a performance for the recent CMT awards. Now Nile Rodgers and country superstar Keith Urban are taking on the combo of the two opposing genres as they work on a new collaborative number.

EDM fans will remember that the legendary disco producer Nile Rogers worked with Daft Punk on their hit single “Get Lucky,” which melded pop, EDM and funk influences into one memorable song. So it's no surprise to see the seasoned veteran producer take on this challenge.

Rodgers has described the collaboration "EDM-country." The song will feature Urban’s banjo plucking, Rodgers classic guitar sound and dance floor-friendly beats.

"I really pushed him to sing at the top of his range. Keith was nervous about it; he wanted to do another take. But I told him I loved the way it sounds,” Rodgers said in an interview.

EDM fans may cringe at the merging of the two seemingly disparate genres, but considering Rodgers previous work with Daft Punk as well as countless other hits across disco, funk, R&B and rock, it’s safe to say that the upcoming song won't lack soul. We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available about the song’s release. In the meantime, Niles keeps himeself busy

As a producer, Rodgers doesn’t bear the face of a well-known celebrity, despite his high-ranking status in the music world. He hits the streets in London with a guitar as a street performer, giving what is essentially a free performance to Londoners strolling about. In a 20 minute performance to about 35 people, he makes the approximate equivalent of $20, an insanely low take-home for a musician of his stature. Check it out below:

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