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EDM.com Spotlight

DJ Combats Bullying And Teen Depression In New Video

German producer Thomas Gold is bringing the PLUR to EDM fans with his music video for his new track “Take Me Home,” featuring Harrison and HIIO. The video features a high school student who is bullied by his peers and also dealing with depression due to his status as a social outcast and his unrequited love with the popular girl who makes fun of him to save face with her friends.

He plots in his bedroom at his desk, littered with anti-depressant pill bottles, marking his calendar with D-Day and drawing up secret plans. He arrives at school with a duffle-bag and a determined look on his face, striding over to the popular kids table as they look on in fear. He opens the bag and no one expects what comes next.

The video has a few more surprises we won’t spoil for you, but ultimately the message is clear: Dance music is about spreading love, not hate. In a genre saturated with party videos and drug references, the uplifting video tackles teen angst with a surprising twist that makes it a breathe of fresh air for EDM fans.

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