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Listen To Nero's New Track 'Two Minds' From Their Upcoming Album

Nero gives us another taste of their upcoming album “Between II Worlds,” posting a new track to their Soundcloud called “Two Minds.” As opposed to what we’ve already heard of the trio’s sophomore effort, “Two Minds” sees the group traverse into almost 80's inspired future house territory, with upbeat piano chords and bouncy rubber bass drops against four-on-the-floor beats against Alana Watson’s vocals.

It’s an unexpected move from the group, but their signature atmosphere is still buried beneath the new stylistic choice. It’s not known how the new track will fit into the album’s overall mood, but considering what we’ve heard in “Dark Skies” and the title track, it should give a change of pace.

Give the new track a listen below...

[H/T: DancingAstronaut]

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