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EDM.com Spotlight

Skrillex Talks Deadmau5, Drugs & His Next Protege In Rare Interview [VIDEO]

Katie Couric recently got together with Skrillex for an exclusive look into the life and career of EDM’s biggest superstar. Couric covers a lot of territory with Sonny Moore from his career and EDM contemporaries to his childhood and the recent passing of his mother. Couric even joins Skrillex in the studio for a most unlikely collaboration.

Couric questions Moore about his beginnings in music. “I was that kid banging on pots and pans, just making music anyway I could,” he explains. Moore explainis father introduced him to The Doors in his childhood, which is the first music he remembers hearing.

In the interview, Moore discusses being bullied as an emo kid, learning that he was adopted, growing up in a family that was part of the Church of Scientology, and getting his start with the band From First To Last. The producer and DJ even shares his opinion on the trailer for the upcoming EDM film “We Are Your Friends”, and talks about his signature hairdo.

Lastly, Couric joins Skrillex in his studio and helps him produce a track on the fly. No word on the official release of their collaboration, but EDM fans will be patiently waiting!

Watch the full interview below...

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