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EDM.com Spotlight

DJ Shares How He Created A Completely Solar Lifestyle

Deadmau5 recently got the thumbs up from Tesla CEO Elon Musk for his vision to power his studio with a Tesla Solar Battery, but he’s not the only DJ looking to merge sustainability with EDM. Morgan Page is not only a veteran house DJ, but he’s also one of the most environmentally-conscious DJs in EDM right now. In a recent interview with the Las Vegas Review, Page shed light on how he has successfully created an eco-friendly DJ career and lifestyle

As an advocate for solar-powered homes, Page powers his studio with solar energy, and his recently-released album DC to Light was produced entirely with Solar energy.

When people ask about solar panels, they think it’s this complex thing. I’ve been trying to explain it’s pretty turnkey. It’s way simpler than people think.

The DJ lives in Los Angeles, but uses his Tesla electric car to make the weekly trip to Sin City for his residency, only needing to stop once per trip to charge the car. He makes his pit stop in Barstow to charge up, which only takes half an hour and costs him nothing because Tesla has implemented free power stations across the country.

You can drive across the country now for free. You can do Florida-to-Canada, (and) part of the coast in China, part of Australia.

He tried to convince Wynn Hotel in Vegas, where he used to hold a residency, to team up with Tesla. But now he holds a residency at Mandalay Bay in Vegas, which is home to one of the world’s largest solar installations, according to Page.

Tesla was going to give (Wynn) the equipment for free, and the installation for free, and they were like, ‘Eh.’ They eventually put in some low-power chargers,” he explains.

See what inspired Page to go solar in this former interview with MTV...

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