EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Go Behind The Scenes Of Hardwell's New Interactive Video

Hardwell is pushing the envelope as he takes his fans on an immersive, interactive experience behind the scenes of his time spent in Florida for Miami Music Week. Narrated by Hardwell himself, the new video gives us an all-access pass for a week in the life of one of the world’s top DJ’s.

Utilizing 360-degree video technology paired with Youtube’s recently-added interactive controls for viewers, the Dutch producer gives us a glimpse into his crazy life.

The video lets fans join Hardwell has he hits the streets, takes the stage, checks out the beach, and relaxes in his hotel room. Thanks to Youtube's new interactive controls, viewers have freedom to check out the action from any angle they please as they watch the video and dictate their own experience.

The Miami Music Week is a very, very, very busy week. I’m fully scheduled with interviews, gigs, meetings, obviously a lot of parties. It’s really hard work in the daytime, but at nighttime there’s still so many great parties going on that you want to meet up with other DJ’s, you wanna have some fun, so it’s all about no sleep and just go with the flow.

Immerse yourself in the Hardwell experience below...

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