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US Music Festival Attempts To Break World's Biggest Hug Record [VIDEO]

Electric Forest attempted to out-PLUR themselves this year and break the world record for biggest hug yesterday. The previous record admitted into the Guinness Book of World Records maxed out in Ontario with 10,554 people hugging all at the same time. The festival reasonably expected to break this record considering their crowd was at least three times that size.

DJ Lafa Taylor hosted the event as attendees at the festival piled in at Sherwood Court for what they hoped would be a historic event. The crowd waited for an hour and a half as Taylor did his best to entertain them, playing music, telling jokes, and even announcing the news of the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage.

Their group hug was approximately 5,500 people strong, but sadly this was not enough to seize the world record for biggest hug at one time. Despite the numbers, the energy and love was enough to keep the vibes high.

"Do you feel connected?"Can we change the world? You're beautiful Electric Forest."

Canada still PLURs the hardest as they remain the record holders for the world's largest hug.

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