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This Man Hears Colors Through A Surgically Implanted Antenna [VIDEO]

I am a cyborg, and cyborg comes from the union between cybernetics and organism. And that’s how I feel,” says Neil Harbisson at the opening of a short documentary called Hearing Colors that gives viewers an inside look at his unique life.

Harbisson is completely color blind, which means he sees the world in black and white. But he’s found a unique work-around to this visual impairment through the assistance of an antenna he wears on his head.

The antenna doesn’t allow Harbisson to view color, but it does give him the ability to experience color through a different sensory organ, more specifically his ears.

The antenna has a color sensor that detects light frequencies and then converts them into sound waves that vary in pitch, allowing him to experience the sensation of color in his own way. Harbisson views the antenna on his head as a body part, not as a separate piece of technology. So much so that the device is actually implanted in his head, which makes his experience true to the definition of a cyborg.

Check it out for yourself in the video below...

Hearing Colors from Greg Brunkalla on Vimeo.

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