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Skrillex Reveals Name Of Anonymous Producer Who Responds With Track 'Know Me'

During his interview with Katie Couric earlier this week, Skrillex took a call from his friend and fellow EDM producer Marshmello, revealing a little bit about the mysterious musician's identity. Skrillex revealed that his real name is Chris, though we’re still left in the dark about pretty much everything else.

The phone call raised a lot of questions from fans. Some pondered that Marshmello may be the secret project of Dotcom, whose real name is Chris Comstock and who has other loosely tied connections. Some were left wondering why the phone call would be taken during the midst of an interview with a journalist as famous as Couric, and felt that her initially answering Skrillex’s phone mid-interview made the whole thing feel almost gimmicky.

We’re still not sure who Marshmello really is, but he just posted a track to Soundcloud called “KnOw ME” with a cover image of Katie Couric wearing a Marshmello shirt, which just raises more questions about the whole matter.

Give the new track a listen below...

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