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EDM.com Spotlight

Watch Deadmau5's Full Headlining Set At Glastonbury In Crystal Clear HD

Deadmau5 absolutely crushed his headlining set at Glastonbury Festival over the weekend. From throwing down signature deadmau5 hits to sitting down for another relaxing on-stage beer with Left Shark, this set was nothing short of memorable. And now, you can watch the entire set in HD!

The HD video of the set gives you an great view of deadmau5's new stage setup, which is reminiscent of a mouse trap. Not only can you watch his whole set in crystal clear HD, but the set is also available on Soundcloud for free download! Enjoy! Shoutout to TheMidnightRunner93 for posting the video to YouTube and mau3 for the free download on Soundcloud!

[H/T: EDM Chicago, TheMidnightRunner93, mau3]

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