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Zedd Talks Haters, Prized Possessions & His Favorite DJ To Party With [AUDIO]

Zedd sat down with SaturdayNightOnline for an exclusive interview where he answered a slew of questions sent in by his fans. The True Colors producer discussed everything from his most prized possession to which of his DJ friends is the craziest to party with.

One fan also asked when Zedd decided he wanted to become a DJ.

"Actually, I didn't want to be a DJ to begin with. I wanted to make music. I first thought I would be a pianist, and then a little later I thought I would be a drummer. And I really thought that was going to be my future... I didn't ever think I would become a DJ! I still don't know, I still see myself as a musician, and maybe a few years from now I will stop DJing and start playing an instrument again... The only thing I know is that I've always wanted to make music."

Listen to the full interview with Zedd below...

Zedd's True Colors Tour is coming to a city near you this Fall, so get tickets now while you still can! Then check out the recent video interview Zedd did with Guitar Center detailing everything from his stint as a drummer in a band to the first album that drew him to electronic music and more below.

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