EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

New Music Social Media App Combines The Best Parts Of Spotify And Instagram

A new free app called OneSong has been released that allows users to post songs as their status update. Self-described by its creators “as if Instagram and Spotify had a cute little baby,” the social media platform links to its users' Spotify premium accounts via an iOS device and allows them to share their track of the day with their friends.

“We figured that if each person is one song, together they become a playlist. It’s the daily soundtrack of you and your social network,” reads the new app’s press kit. OneSong is designed to give its users the ability to customize their social media experience with music and to share that with their follows. As of yet, the app only works with a Spotify premium account. Downloaded the app to your iOS device here.

[H/T: Hypebeast]

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