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Deadmau5 Talks Left Shark And His Live Show In New Interview

Deadmau5 recently sat down with The Vancouver Sun for an exclusive interview. Deadmau5, aka Joel Zimmerman, discusses several aspects of his live show in great detail, including why the reason behind his Left Shark stunt. Check out some of the highlights from the interview below...

Zimmerman explains that the reason why he decided to sit down on a couch on stage with Left Shark and drink a beer during "Seeya" is simply because he can't perform that song live. While many were speculating that the producer was making some kind of statement, mocking those DJs that simply press buttons, this actually isn't the case at all.

“So all of my show is more or less live, right? So I’m banking out all these stems and I’m playing synths and I have MIDI going, recreating the original production as the show goes. So I was working on that segment of the show and I lost all the stems for it. So I was like, ‘F---, man!’ I gotta play that track because it’s a good little break. But I didn’t have any of the parts or the MIDI files — anything.

I can’t do a harmonica solo on top of it. So I said, ‘F--- it. I’ll play the two-track (album version) back.’ But then what can I do? I could just sit there and fist-pump and at that point, then yes, I’m a DJ... So I thought, ‘Let’s just get some goofy costumes and sit down and have a beer’ — a little improv theatre.

Actually, it’s really great because after 90 minutes or 75 minutes or however long it is, I just want to take a seat. A lot of people were speculating, ‘Oh, yeah! He’s anti press-play DJs and that’s why he did it.’ Actually, it’s because I had nothing better to do up there.”

So that explains the whole deal with Left Shark. Joel didn't stop there though; he had plenty more to say about his live show and live EDM performances in general. Zimmerman holds himself to certain standards, as he explains that he always wants to make sure that his fans get what they paid for.

“My thing with live performance is that it’s only useful to me on stage if it’s useful in the studio... I’m more likely to click a mouse and draw around on a screen than I will use some obscure, esoteric control surface to do something you could just program in. It’s show pony shit, the touch screen stuff. It really is. I’d rather be turning a small knob that not anyone can see, you know what I mean?

...The way I see it: If you’re going to pay a guy upwards of $500,000 to a million f---ing dollars to stand on a stage in front of however many people at ‘X’ EDM event, if you’re not putting at least 200 grand into your stage show other than an LED wall and some backline stuff, it’s just the biggest ripoff.”

In case you were wondering, deadmau5's mission statement has always been, and continues to be:

"There are no CDs involved. It’s a technological orgy up there and I try and keep it more my music than anyone else’s. If people come out to see deadmau5 I want them to hear deadmau5 music.”

Check out the full interview on The Vancouver Sun's website here.

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