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See What Happens To Your Brain On Music

You're not crazy - music actually is your drug. And most music fans can relate. That's because our brains are built to enjoy it on many levels. There's a reason you get the chills when you hear that perfect melody.

When music hits our brains it activates every lobe, resulting in strong emotional and physiological responses. It spreads almost instantaneously through several paths at once, resulting in an all-encompassing experience.

The auditory cortex is responsible for quickly interpreting music's structure, breaking it down into smaller pieces of information. As this info is distributed, it is further analyzed by higher-order parts of your brain, enriching the experience. It's like mastering a track in your head!

Emotional processing occurs in the amygdala. This area of your brain is connected with the cerebellum along with the frontal lobe, which is mainly responsible for impulse. When processed through these regions, music invokes our pleasure and arousal systems, and even triggers the release of dopamine, the same 'feel-good' compound that is produced during sex. If you've ever gotten goosebumps when you hear a beautiful song, you have dopamine to thank.

The motor cortex produces some interesting effects on your body when your brain absorbs music. It processes tempo, increases blood flow and excites you. It allows your body's internal cycles to sync up with the rhythm. It's no wonder we are all dancing fiends!

Music has remarkably strong effects also include amplifying visual stimuli, invoking intense connections to memory and changing mood. It's the very reason why music often plays a vital role in many of our lives. We were built for this stuff.

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