EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Autograf Dishes Out New Music Details, Future Plans, And More

“#LeaveYourAutograf is an all-encompassing way for people to realize that we all have one life and we really need to make the most of it. We want people to express themselves in their choice-form, and that means leaving their autograph.”

Chicago-based house music trio Autograf is leaving their mark in the world through their super vibey remixes and originals. With influences in various electronic sub-genres from tropical to French house to breakbeat and more, Autograf is making a name for themselves in the dance music scene with massive remixes including Alesso’s “Cool” featuring Roy English, Fatboy Slim’s “Mad Flava,” Odesza’s “All We Need,” and countless other remixes. Autograf’s most recent original track “Dream” also demonstrated their unique production skillset, and the world is anxiously waiting for their next original release.

EDM.com sat down with Autograf while on their tour in New York City at the renowned Webster Hall to discuss their future releases, upcoming events, and how they are leaving their autograf on the world.

Let’s talk about your live performances and what goes into each show that you guys do. What kind of vibe do you guys strive to bring to the DJ booth during your shows?

It’s almost like our playground up there. We’ve got a midi marimba, it’s basically a giant piano that you can play with drum sticks. On the other side, we have a traditional African drum. Our sounds are kinda tropical house. People just like to label things. To us, we kinda make a joke out of all the genre naming. Realistically its about the music we’re playing. As far as the kind of vibe we go for, it really depends on the festival. We played a beach festival on the Gulf of Mexico, so obviously for that we were feeling more of a summer, beachy vibe. But when we play in a dark, underground spot we definitely wanna go deeper with it.

Your latest remix of Fatboy Slim’s “Mad Flava” is one your most unexpected remixes to date. How do you guys feel about the final result of the remix?

Well, we are huge fans of breakbeat. When Fatboy Slim hit us up to do a remix for him we were like, 'fuck yeah, he’s a legend.' It’s a little different than a lot of our stuff. It’s meant to be a little more trippy, breakbeat, so it’s definitely more of a tribute mix. We kind went with something that we thought would be a good Fatboy Slim adaptation. What’s interesting is that people often times label us as deep house, tropical house, future house – but what people don’t realize is that a lot of our stuff has breakbeat in it. But it's done in a way that’s not over the top where you really notice it. With the Fatboy Slim remix, I think it’s because of the vinyl scratching that it comes out more. It really puts a b-boy spin on it.

You guys injected a summer, retro-style mix into Alesso’s “Cool.” How did this remix come about?

That was homage to filter, French house. Its kind of a throwback, retro remix. That was another giant inspiration for us, the French house movement. That fat, filtered sound, this isn’t homage to Alesso. On the general vibe of the song, we thought the old-school French house vibe would do very well. So I guess that means we’ve really been in a retrospective period, just going back to the past with our sounds.

“Dream” is your most recent original track. What does that track mean to you and can we expect more original content in the near future?

I would say the title of the song “Dream” says it all, that song was made over the winter. That was kind of our moment where we realized that we were so obsessed with our project Autograf we didn’t even know what was going on. We are going on tour, people are loving the music, stuff has millions of plays, it was kind of that moment over the winter that we decided to grind on tracks. We are living our dream right now, as cliché as that sounds, as ourselves and Autograf. We more so realized that these moments in real life don’t happen too often, and we kind of used that as a rallying call.

We actually have an album in the works. I would say it’s about 95% done. By 95% done, we mean it’s actually almost done. We haven’t told anyone about it, so you guys are the first to know. We definitely still have originals coming out in 2015, the album may be released by the end of the year. We have 20 dates in June for our touring schedule, just announced that we would be joining the Tycho tour, which kind of makes it hard to finish the album. I guess we’ll have to start producing on the road.

You guys have festivals like Electric Forest, Splash House, and more coming up too - what can we expect from those performances?

We’re bringing a party bus to Electric Forest, we’re gonna do a renegade stage and doing an unofficial after party. We’re doing Northern Nights in Northern California as well. I’m excited about the one in Jackson Hole, Wyoming; it’s a beautiful part of the country for a music festival. Lastly we’re also going back to our roots for Mamby On The Beach in Chicago, Illinois.

You mentioned that touring with SNBRN, Tycho, and more. Who are some other producers you’d like go to b2b with or collaborate with in the future?

Well our buddy Klingande, we’ve been touring with him for a while. Touring with Odesza would be cool. We’re doing a remix for Griz, ran into him at Hangout Fest and told him about the remix we are working on. We’re gonna work on that a lot on the road.

#LeaveYourAutograf is your official affirmation in the music scene. How would you say you guys are leaving your mark on the world?

My sister has a friend who has been battling cancer, and after taking care of her for quite some time it's really taken a toll financially. She has taken it upon herself to throw three fundraising events in Washington D.C. at major music halls including Flash and U Street Music Hall. So basically we want to go perform an event for them, where all the proceeds would go towards the individual. I think that ties into the whole #LeaveYourAutograf thing. We want to encourage people to make a difference the world and leave their mark in any way, shape, or form. That could be doing a good deed for people or something as simple as sharing a good experience with friends and listening to music.

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