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Listen To Avicii's Unreleased Collaboration With The Killers' Frontman

An alternate version of Avicii’s 2014 single "The Days" has surfaced featuring co-writer Brandon Flowers, the lead singer of The Killers, on vocals. After giving the track a listen, it’s kind of a mystery as to why Flowers didn’t maintain the role of vocalist on the official version, as his signature bravado singing compliments the electro-folk fusion. With it’s blending of guitars and danceable rhythms, the track actually wouldn’t sound too out of place amongst the rest of The Killers catalog, and Avicii’s trademark synth leads aren’t too far off from Flower’s own electronic flirtations.

The Flowers version that has appeared on Soundcloud is decidedly lo-fi in quality, so fans can only hope that a studio quality version might surface at some point. Perhaps it will wind up as a B-side to Avicii’s upcoming Stories album.

Give the collab a listen below...

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