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EDM.com Spotlight

Check Out This Electric Van That Is Literally A Rave On Wheels

Nissan is unveiling a vehicle today in Berlin, Germany designed purely for ravers. Just as Batman had the Batmobile, ravers now have the Part-e Van, the ultimate party vehicle. Nissan has modified their Electric car e-NV200, pimping it out with a DJ booth on the roof, a solar-powered disco ball, a fridge and cocktail-maker, two TV screens, a “funky flying selfie-drone” and an LED dance floor.

The Part-e van is one part ridiculous and one part awesome, but that just makes it ridiculously awesome, right? Designed to show the world the capabilities of electric vehicles, the Part-e van will be showcased throughout Europe and is bound to keep the party rolling.

Check out video below, and please, keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle while the party is in motion...

[H/T: DJMag]

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