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EDM.com Spotlight

Check Out Skrillex's Latest Hip Hop Collaboration

Skrillex has teamed up with Clam Casino to produce an unlikely hip hop number featuring vocalist Kelela and Ratking member Hak. "We Them Boys" is a largely chilled-out track featuring head-nodding beats against airy atmospherics pads and the occasional squeaky synth that one can only assume belongs to Skrillex.

Kelela’s soothing vocals contrast Hak’s searing rapping, adding to the discordant and ambient vibe of the track. Skrillex has dabbled in hip hop before, collaborating with rapper Sirah on Kyoto and incorporating trap elements into his Jack Ü productions, but "We Them Boys" comes off as rather unexpected track for the EDM kingpin. If it didn’t have his name on it, you probably wouldn’t realize he was on it at all.

Check out the collab below...

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