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EDM.com Spotlight

Dillon Francis, A-Trak And More Share Their Pre-Show Rituals [VIDEO]

As inquiring fans, we always cherish the opportunity to learn what’s going on in the heads of some of our favorite dance music artists. A lot of DJs may appear to look like they have everything figured out, seeming completely calm and collected during their sets but there can be a lot that goes on beforehand to get them in the mindset to perform a great show. Beatport sat down with a handful of artists before Mysteryland USA and had them share their personal pre-show warm ups and rituals.

Anna Lunoe quotes that it’s all about radiating positive energy and leaving everything else behind: “If you worry about anything when you’re up there, people feel it and they don’t get as into it.” Watch the interview below to hear from Bro Safari, GTA, Dillon Francis, Gramatik and more...

[H/T Beatport]

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