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DJ Completes 200 Hour-Long Set To Break World Record [VIDEO]

An Irish DJ named Norbert Selmaj, better known by his stage name DJ Norberto Loco, has joined the ranks of the Guinness Book of World Records by completing the world’s longest DJ set to date. The DJ topped the previous record holder by completing a 200 hour set! That’s 200 hours of fist-pumping, tempo-syncing and mixing.

The record-breaking DJ is one of many DJs around the world who tried to outdo each other by holding the elusive title of longest DJ set, beginning in 2011 with DJ Smokin’ Joe overtaking the previous record held by DJ King, only to find out another DJ had sacked him before his record could be verified by Guinness.

The DJ set arms race continued, with Smokin’ Joe eventually achieving his goal, breaking the record by staking out in the DJ booth for 168 hours straight. But DJ Norberto Loco well overtook the previous record for longest DJ set by spinning for 200 consecutive hours. The DJ completed his set at The Underground Temple Bar in Dublin in November, and even prevailed amidst a power outage. But with all these DJs worrying so much about the quantity of time they can last in the DJ booth, one can’t help but wonder about the quality of their sets.

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