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EDM.com Spotlight

Dillon Francis DJs A Bar Mitzvah For $15K, Donates It All To Charity

If you thought Major Lazer’s Roller Disco Party this week was a strange choice of venue, get ready for an even stranger one: Dillon Francis DJ’d a Bar Mitzvah last night, reportedly for a hefty $15,000 fee. What better way for a Jewish boy to be ushered into manhood than to have Dillon Francis pump out the fire jams at your party? EDM’s favorite funny-guy producer hopped on twitter last night to make the announcement just hours before he was set to spin the event...

No, Dillon Francis isn’t on the downswing of his career and taking whatever gigs get thrown his way. The performance was purchased from the "Awesome Shit" section of his online store, where fans can purchase outrageous pranks and other oddities from Francis. Offers include prank calling your mom for $1,000, Getting a Hello Kitty tattoo with the word Germany beneath it for $250,000, and joining the US Army for $20,000,000. The proceeds from all these ridiculously awesome exchanges are donated to charity.

The unique performance is sure to be a memorable one for the young lad... and his friends that were lucky enough to be invited. Check out a picture of Dillon posing with one of the Bar Mitzvah boy's friends below...

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