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Flume Premieres New Material At Major US Music Festival [VIDEO]

Australian producer and future bass pioneer Harley Streten, better known as Flume, debuted some new material for the lucky fans attending his set at Governors Ball Music Festival in New York recently. Already boasting one of the evening’s most anticipated performances, the 23-year-old producer/DJ treated fans to unreleased material, presumably from his long-awaited follow-up to his self-titled debut album in 2012 that thrust him into the limelight as one of EDM’s most celebrated up-and-comers.

Flume unveiled the two new IDs amongst his well-known work, giving us a glimpse at nearly five new minutes of music. The first track features a driving beat building towards a spacey breakdown featuring expansive vocals before shifting into an energetic half-time groove.

The producer really shifts things up on the second new track, featuring a surprising foray into festival trap, with booming sub kicks and pitch shifted vocal riffs, mixing in the requisite bell-like plucks and chanting vocals during the drop.

Give the new material a listen below...

This new material comes directly after the producer made headlines for statements made in an interview with The Guardian.

Streten is currently working on his sophomore album, which he says will be “downtempo, cinematic, really moving pieces but with the energy of EDM.” In the interview, the producer explained his confusion with the fact that people call his work "dance music."

“I don’t think I make dance music. It’s not even 4/4. And it’s slow. When it first started happening and I saw people dancing to it I was like, what the fuck? The music I was making for people not to dance to was the one they were dancing to.”

As far as genres are concerned, Streten explains his ambivalence towards the EDM movement:

“EDM ... I teeter on the edge of that. It’s just the new kind of pop I guess. I feel a lot of it doesn’t have a lot of soul, but it gets the kids moving - it does the job.”

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