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EDM.com Spotlight

Dan Farber Drops The Rowdy New Single "Lights"

Tel Aviv producer Dan Farber's latest creation "Lights" is a 'bow-thrower without question. Farber has been creating a niche for himself in this arena for some time by pulling influence from his Middle Eastern roots, and his signature mixture of trap with a melodic whine shines through in this new single.

"Lights" starts off unassuming - opening with a gentle progressive sound and calming vocals. The track's white noise builds as it reaches its precipice, then juxtaposes to a wild and wonky trap explosion that flirts with dubby growls. As the song breaks back down, it's carried smoothly to the next climax before ripping itself back open even harder.

Farber's track will find its home in a trap set near you. See for yourself:

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