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Google Is Changing The Way You Listen To Music With Touch-Free Control Technology [VIDEO]

Google is at it again, developing a revolutionary technology they’re calling Project Soli. The idea driving their latest technological innovation is to harness radar waves in order to allow the user to control electronic devices by moving their hand in the air. For example, you can turn up a volume slider with just a pinch and a twist of your fingers.

The Advanced Technology And Projects (ATAP) sector of the tech giant recently unrolled their prototype, showcasing Soli’s ability to capture fine motor skills with a high degree of accuracy. ATAP has managed to shrink Soli down to a single computer chip the size of a fingernail, which gives way to endless applications for the device.

It’s not yet known exactly what Google plans to do with the project, but if it does find application in music production and performance, the possibilities would be endless. Can you imagine how this could be used in a live show?

See Soli in action in the video below...

[H/T: ViralThread]

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