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EDM.com Spotlight

Watch A-Trak Cut Up Jack U's 'Beats Knockin' Like You've Never Seen Before [VIDEO]

A-Trak just dropped a video that captures him performing a unique remix of Jack Ü’s “Beats Knockin,” bringing the traditional DJ art of scratching and turntablism back from the dead. Rocking a Metallica shirt, A-Trak stands beneath the DJ booth equipped with two turntables. His hands never stop during the mix, and not because he’s fist pumping.

He keeps the beat steady without the aid of a sync button and is smoothly mixing up the rhythms with his scratching and switching up the sounds with the assorted buttons, knobs and faders available on his console. He even goes into a surprise tempo-change towards the end of the mix. All in all, his re-imagining off “Beats Knockin’” harkens back to the roots of trap, chopping and scratching the old school sounding vocal samples from Fly Boi Keno in a truly hip-hop style.

Watch A-trak's spinning session below...

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