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EDM.com Spotlight

Hear Deadmau5 Rock A Bass Guitar In This New Version Of 'Are You Not Afraid?'

Deadmau5 just posted some new material for his fans to enjoy on his Soundcloud page. Well, kind of new. It’s a reworked version of his track “Are You Not Afraid?” with Shotty Horroh, this time ditching the glitchy basslines in favor of something a little more organic, not to mention surprising. The mau5 has recorded a new bass track for the song, played by himself on a real live bass guitar.

Most fans are aware at this point that Zimmerman is skilled on a set of keys, but donning a guitar is an unexpected move for the producer, whose music mainly consists of electronic sounds. The new retake takes a lot of the edge off the song, giving it a jazzy vibe that contrasts the abrasive nature of the original.

If you didn’t know any better, the new version could easily be mistaken for being much older than it actually is with its scratching and rustic sounding drums. It stands out against a portfolio of work with markedly high production values and technological sheen.

Give the rework with live bass a listen below...

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