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Watch Part I Of Disclosure's Epic Short Film Series [VIDEO]

Last week, Disclosure posted a cryptic video bearing the title “Caracal Film Trailer.” Less than a minute in length, the video sets the scene of a dystopian futuristic society and introduces us to revolutionaries on a mission: "The ink is our chance to bring peace." The trailer left fans wondering what exactly was in store.

Well last night, the UK brothers posted to Facebook explaining the Caracal film, which will be presented as a unique narrative series of music videos connecting each track on the album. The duo then officially gave us Part I of the film with the music video for their first single off the album, “Holding On.

The video depicts a totalitarian future, opening with a Terminator-esque helicopter descending upon a high-tech city crawling with militarized police officers. The main characters in the video are all connected by a conspiracy plot with revolutionary aims that are never completely revealed but are somehow related to the Caracal mask that adorns the album cover.

The epic scenes we're treated to in Part I involve tattoos, telepathic abilities and a motorcycle chase.

Watch it for yourself below...

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