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Watch This French DJ Turn A Skateboard Ramp Into A Midi Controller [VIDEO]

In the struggle to give electronic musicians more performance options besides keyboards and drum machines, a number of strange technological innovations have surfaced over the years that use MIDI technology to create unique control surfaces to allow musicians interesting new opportunities for live musical expression. But one french DJ is working on what may well be one of the strangest MIDI controllers yet, with the intent of combining his dual loves of skateboarding and electronic music.

Sylvain Richard, who goes by his DJ pseudonym 20syl, is creating a skateboard ramp that will function as a MIDI controller. As the operator skates over the giant controller, the pressure of their skateboard gliding across the ramp triggers various MIDI functions that have been mapped to its surfaces, triggering sounds within the computer. I guess Tony Hawk can get started on his EDM career now. Unfortunately for english speakers, the videos below are in French without subtitles, but you can at least check out this crazy device in motion.

[H/T: DJMag]

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