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Zedd Talks Collabs, Taylor Swift & Nicknames In New Interview [AUDIO]

Russian-German EDM producer Zedd got together with Saturday Night Online for an interview, spilling details on a variety of subjects including Panda Express, the possibility of working with Taylor Swift, and his collaboration with Echosmith as well as answering some interesting fan submitted questions.

Talking about his collaboration with Echosmith on “Illusion,” the True Colors producer says:

I’m really good at, when I’m in the studio with a singer, to get the best out of them. To get the ranges out that they never had before, to get the last percent of emotion out, maybe i’ll even make them cry in the booth.

When asked if he would ever work with Taylor Swift, Zedd responds:

Yeah, I think we should! Listen Taylor, you go in the booth, i’ll write a song, you can write the lyrics about someone you know, and we can make the song together.

The fan-submitted questions prove to be among the most interesting in the interview. Zedd reveals that his parents still call him by his birth name of Anton and not his DJ alter-ego Zedd, but explains that his friends call him Zedd, which is a nickname he’s held for a while. He even divulges that at one point he thought about producing music as Zedd Leppelin until he found out that name was taken.

He also gives his fans a special gift, saying that he absolutely loves them all in his sexiest German voice.

Listen to the full interview below...

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