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Listen To Marshmello's New Remix Of Avicii & Martin Garrix's 'Waiting For Love'

The ever mysterious producer marshmello strikes again, this time dropping a remix of Avicii's recent single "Waiting For Love," which was co-produced by Martin Garrix. The string of high profile EDM remixes, such as the recent "Beautiful Now" mix he did for Zedd and the mention from Skrillex during the Katie Couric interview only adds to the intrigue surrounding marshmellow's anonyminity

His remix of "Waiting For Love" is consistent with the style he explored on his Zedd remix, favoring back-to-basics synth work and mid-tempo hip hop beats.

The vocal track is again kept in prominent placement and largely left untouched aside from some pitch shifted background lines. Marshmello switched up the feel with grooves that contrast the original track's high energy House vibes and a new chord sequence.

It's a fresh take on the already well known single and will keeps fans wondering just who's behind the Marshmello moniker.

Give the remix a listen below...

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