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EDM.com Spotlight

Listen To Avicii's 'Waiting For Love' Remix Collection

Avicii just delivered his official remix pack for his summer anthem "Waiting For Love," co-produced by Martin Garrix. The set contains remixes from a wide variety of artists, including Marshmello, Sam Feldt, Tundran, Autograf, Headhunterz and Carnage, and an acoustic rendition by Prinston & Astrid S.

Although we have a lot of different producers from a wide array of backgrounds and styles, none of them really opt to drastically change the song, sticking close to the source material.

Marshmello's mix switches things up the most, giving the song a trap/hip-hop vibe, while Carnage and Headhunterz take the song into festival territory, giving it a pseudo-hardstyle production.

Sam Feldt and Tundran both employ Tropical hints into their mixes, while Autograf infuses a Daft Punk styled vocoder onto Simon Aldred's vocals.

The acoustic version by Prinston & Astrid S might be the highlight of the collection, featuring angelic vocals and a quasi-reggae vibe.

Listen to all of the remixes below, and tell us which one is your favorite.

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