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Deadmau5 Throws Down Surprise Set At Intimate Comic Con Event [VIDEO]

San Diego club Fluxx opened their doors to the public on Friday, waiving their cover charge and hosting an event called Comic Con Cinephile Party, aimed at the droves of cosplay attired fans who poured into the city over the weekend for the major convention dedicated to all things nerdy. Unbeknownst to those waiting in the short line to get into the event, a major DJ was curating the night's musical entertainment.

Once inside the venue, clubbers were treated to an awesome light show, movie props and none other than deadmau5 himself giving an unadvertised performance to the small crowd.

The progressive house producer played some of his classic tracks, including "Strobe" and "Cthulu Sleeps," before ending the set with Avicii's "Levels," a track he frequently disses, and telling the crowd to “Enjoy the big room!” as he exited the DJ booth.

Check out a fan shot video of the performance below...

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